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Xls Program

Apache OpenOffice Calc The solution to storing all your numbers and lists! Calc is the spreadsheet application you've always wanted. Newcomers find it intuitive and easy to learn; professional data miners and number crunchers will appreciate the comprehensive range of advanced functions. DataPilot is an advanced technology that makes it easy to pull in raw data from corporate databases; cross-tabulate, summarize, and convert it into meaningful information.

Natural language formulas let you create formulas using words (e.g. 'sales - costs'). Intelligent Sum Button inserts a sum function or a subtotal automatically, depending on context. Wizards guides you through choosing and using a comprehensive range of advanced spreadsheet functions, or from our Templates repository for ready-made spreadsheet solutions.

Styles and Formatting makes it easy to apply flexible cell formatting options, including freely rotating contents, templates, backgrounds, borders, and many more. You can be your own spreadsheet expert thanks to templates with built-in functions, allowing you to concentrate on your real work. Scenario Manager allows 'what if.' Analysis at the touch of a button - e.g. Compare profitability for high / medium / low sales forecasts. Calc's solver component allows solving optimization problems where the optimum value of a particular spreadsheet cell has to be calculated based on constraints provided in other cells.

Multiple users support - Encourage collaborative work on spreadsheets. By sharing a spreadsheet, other users can easily add their data to the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet owner can then easily integrate the new data with a few clicks.

This collaboration feature helps avoid editing conflicts. Save your spreadsheets in OpenDocument format, the new international standard for office documents. This XML based format means you're not tied in to Calc.

You can access your spreadsheets from any OpenDocument compliant software. You are free to import your old Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, or save your work in Excel format for sending to people who are using Microsoft products. Calc is able to read. Wish. xlsx files created with Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac OS X.

If you want to send your results to someone who doesn't have a spreadsheet application installed, then use Portable Document Format (.pdf) - no need to buy or install any extra software.

Free MS Excel Alternative Software Are there any free 'Excel' programs with equivalent features to replace the expensive Microsoft Excel? There are many people everyday who ask this question over the internet, while, the answer is: YES! If you are looking for free excel replacement featured with the following functions: Formulas and functions Auto fill data Sorting data Data Filter Pivot Table Chart Text Hyperlink., then you will find this free Excel alternative really useful. Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2013 - Free Alternative to Microsoft Excel Figure 1 Kingsoft Spreadsheets interface Highly compatible with all Microsoft Excel files. Open *.xls and *.xlsx format files made by Microsoft Excel; create and save spreadsheets in *.xls, *.xlsx.

Figure 2 Open and save Excel format workbooks Convert Spreadsheets workbooks into PDF files - Export spreadsheet to PDF files directly within the program. Multiple Tabs interface makes it more convenient to switch between several workbooks. It allows you to open many workbooks page on a single window task to optimize your window sequences. A great number of formulas are provided for both daily office work and professional business such as Sum, Average, V lookup, Mid, TRIM, TEST, etc.

Shortcut functions to quickly handle data - These functions include an auto filer, sort ascending, sort descending, auto sum, and more. You can easily edit data by using them.

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