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UC Browser is a fresh looking, Chromium-based browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of Chrome, but it also has some unique features to make your experience on the Internet both easy and fun. For a long time UC Browser has been a top choice for the discerning Android user, due to its speed and reliability, but now the field has opened up into the Windows market and UC Browser doesn't disappoint. Key Features include: • Speed Boost: Accelerated page loading and file downloading • Video Grabber: Download online video with 1-click • Pop-out video: Watch video in a separate window while browsing • Built-in Ad Block: Stay away from unwanted ads by enabling UC Ad Block • Mouse Gesture: Smoother-than-ever mouse gesture making the browsing easy The interface is sleek and easy to use, without any of the navigation and toolbar buttons getting in the way of your browsing experience. Gta 5 On Pc. However, it is the stand-out features that really make UC Browser a game changer for many users. For instance, the Video/MP3 Grabber is a highly useful tool that lets you download any MP3 or online video with a single click. You can also choose the video quality of your grab as well. In addition to the productive tools, there are other useful things you will find handy, such as the night mode, smart file manager and cloud sync.together with the fresh look and simple user interface, these make UC Browser an interesting choice for those of users who are in the market for a change..

Through the UC official download site, you can download high quality mobile apps such as UC Browser freely, quickly and safely, to enjoy your mobile life infinitely! UC Browser is a fresh looking, Chromium-based browser, that comes packed with all the benefits of Chrome, but it also has some unique features to make your experience on the Internet both easy and fun. For a long time UC Browser has been a top choice for the discerning Android user, due to its speed. Uc browser free download - UC Browser, UC Browser - Fast Download, UC Browser for Java, and many more programs.

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【About UC Browser】 ✔ #1 mobile browser on the WP Store. ✔ 100% FREE, Super FAST and SMOOTH.

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✔ Best Windows Phone Browser of 2014 About.com Readers' Choice Award. ✔ Brand New UI.

【Reviews from Users】 ♥♥♥♥♥UC Browser, the best browser in Windows Phone and other operating systems.The new interface for UC is so good and nice. Its downloading is so smooth and speedy.--user ♥♥♥♥♥Best Browser Windows Phone has.

Keeps improving itself everytime. Coping up with the innovationns.User-friendly and elegant UI, and improved browsing speed. I loved the idea of putting the search tab down for convenient browsing experience. --Alddie Godinez ★★★★★【cooperation contact】★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★email - [email protected] ★★★★★ 【What's new for 4.2】 Maximum Privacy Online! Set a Picture Password Ensure your privacy by setting a unique picture password upon startup. More Choices for Offline Videos Choose the video quality when you watch videos offline from certain websites.

Cortana Support Use Cortana to control UC Browser via voice commands. 【Main Features】 ★Cool and Sleek UI Totally new speed dial and better tab switching. ★Smart Downloading With WiFi, downloading continues even after locking your screen. ★Download to SD Card Save downloaded files straight to your SD card. ★Bluetooth File Sharing Conveniently share downloaded files to others via Bluetooth or QR Code. ★Visit as PC By entering Desktop mode, you can now experience the full features of webpages as if you were on a PC.

★ Flexible Modes Include Night Mode, Speed Mode, Incognito Browsing, Text-only Browsing. Added a brightness control for Night Mode.

★ Customized Themes & Lockscreen Wallpaper Change the browser skin from the UC Theme Center. These can also be used as lockscreen wallpapers. I like it when it was in 8.1. But, have so many bugs 🐛 in 10 Mobile- Can't 😞 login in to any websites and accounts.- Can't tap to view the menu 'find in', 'font size', like right 👉 click on PC 💻.- Take too long time for restarting app, reload 🔃 the previous tabs, and viewing the bookmark 🔖 and history pages.- Must enter speed mode to download the media contents.- Cortana not run 🏃 optimally in commends.- Sometimes, Bookmarks and History Pages, and Home pages not showing anything. Just blank screen but keep icons.Those bugs are 🛈 in all build version of W10Moe TP.*rate just for uc in Windows 10 Mobile More. This browser needs the UWA treatment. UC Browser for PC works well.

I understand it isn't suitable for W10M, as it's based on Google Chrome. What we need for W10M is a UWA (mobile-only).Please retain these features:• night mode,• speed mode,• text-only browsing,• UC Web sync,• YouTube video download for offline viewing.Suggestions:• system theme option, and• ability to manually set number of active downloads (I prefer 1), and put unlimited number of items in queue (this will work wonders). This does not exist even for PC, I had to install Chrono Download Manager for download queuing support.A UWA/W10M-UI overhaul will make this a better browser than it is now. Used to be my favorite app, but now I'm uninstalling. Please fix the following issues, and I will reinstall and change back to 5 stars: 1.

Constant crashing on both Lumia 640 and Nokia 521. App keeps on automatically closing if I navigate away and lock the screen. UC Browser loves crashing my Lumia to the point that I have to take out its battery to restart it.

Both of these issues are extremely annoying, as they both require that I reopen all of my tabs. Thank you; if issues are fixed, I will rate five stars. Please improve it. Here are my concerns for it's improvement.

➕ Works better if it doesn't stop when minimized ➕ One thing that we're missing here so bad and most importantly is the SAVE PAGE option for offline viewing of contents ➕ Background download not working ➕ Downloading YouTube videos isn't working too ➕ Picture resolution is too low ➕ Crashes sometimes Other wise it is perfect. Please work on it.

We, your valuable customers of your service deserve the best from it. [Guys mark this review as helpful to help UC improve their application.