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Mar 26, 2016  I have windows 7 and cannot use my printmaster Version 18, and I cannot get it to load. It says the program has some compatability issues with with windows 7. How can I get around this? Details about PrintMaster 18.1 Platinum Full Version XP/Vista/7/8/1 0 Brand. Full Version XP/Vista/7/8/1 0 Brand New Print Master. For Windows 7 32.

Printmaster Compatiblity with Windows 10 (Full Version) >>>>>>>>Message Jenbatt2 ->Printmaster Compatiblity with Windows 10 (11/4/2016 12:26:33 PM) Reluctantly I finally got a new computer with Windows 10, I have an old one with WIndows 7. Part of the reason is because I knew some of my older software might work with Windows 10, particulary the Creative Software since that kind of creative stuff does not seem very popular anymore. I have Printmaster Gold 11 and it worked fine on WIndow 7 but will not load in windows 10; does anybody know any tricks for loading it in windows 10 or should I keep my old computer going so i can still use that software? Thanks Jen ellengard ->RE: Printmaster Compatiblity with Windows 10 (11/4/2016 2:28:06 PM) Version 11 will not work on Win10. Keep your old computer for your old programs. That's what I've done. They are side-by-side and share my monitor and keyboard via a switch box.

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The most current PrintMaster, version 7.0, is Win 10 compatible. This program makes all the same project types, (cards, labels, scrapbook pages, brochures, etc.) but is a totally new interface with all new graohics. There is no cross-compatibility between v11 and v7.0. Ettie ->RE: Printmaster Compatiblity with Windows 10 (11/7/2016 8:36:58 PM) The problem with installing older versions of PrintMaster on Windows 10 is due to the fact that PrintMaster 16 thru 18.1 require NET Framework 1.1 - which is not compatible with Windows 10. However, some of the older versions of PrintMaster - which do not require NET Framework 1.1 - can be installed on Windows 10, with limited success.

Print Master For Windows 7Print Master For Windows 7

I currently have PrintMaster 15 installed on Windows 10. The only problem I experience is a 1706 Error which occurs every time I start PrintMaster 15 - and which can be easily bypassed. Age Of Empires Iii The Asian Dynasties here.

After bypassing the 1706 error message, PrintMaster 15 works pretty much as expected. As can be seen here the only problems with installing PrintMaster 11 on Windows 7 are 1) It is not possible to register PrintMaster 11 and 2) The 'ExpressIt' option on the splash screen will not work - because ExpressIt was discontinued approximately 2004.

Since I have successfully installed Print Shop 12 on Windows 10, I would have to assume that installing PrintMaster 11 on Windows 10 should be equally successful. However, since I do not currently own PrintMaster 11, I am not able to provide any specific information regarding this problem. Page: [1] Forum Software © Advanced Edition 2.4 1.171875E-02.

PrintMaster Updates & Downloads PrintMaster 2012, 5, 6, and 7 include built in software update capability. To check for updates use the Help menu while PrintMaster is running and choose Check for Updates. If an update is available follow the instructions to download and install. For older product updates see below: PrintMaster 2011 Updates PrintMaster 2011 update version 3.1.0 fixes a printing issue for French Canadian users, adds speed improvements, and moves database to a shared location for all users. Update Files: For more information regarding issues addressed in this update, please click on the change log link.

PrintMaster 2011 Platinum: PrintMaster 2011 Gold: PrintMaster 2011 Express: PrintMaster 2 Updates PrintMaster 2.0.3 update fixes a printing issue for French Canadian users and adds speed improvements. Update Files: For more information regarding issues addressed in this update, please click on the change log link. PrintMaster 2.0 Platinum: PrintMaster 2.0 Gold: PrintMaster 2.0 Express: Installation Instructions (all versions) • Close PrintMaster before updating. • Click on the appropriate link above to download the update installation file. • When prompted, run the installation file after downloading it (unless you are a Windows Vista user - see below).

If you are not propmted to run the file, locate the downloaded file and double-click it to begin installation. • Vista Users: If you are prompted to Run or Save, choose Save. After the file has downloaded, locate the downloaded file, right-click on it, and choose 'Run as administrator'. PrintMaster Downloads.