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Report this add-on for abuse. If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form. NoScript Security Suite Requires Restart Giorgio Maone best security can be get browser and active content after using Internet Browser NoScript extension Mozila Firefox Flock, Seamonkey browser. V 5.1.2 ===== x Fixed allowing scripts on one tab blocking them in other ( issue #23747, thanks cypherpunks for report) x Fixed startup sequence + [Whitelist] about:tabcrashed added to default whitelist x Added unlimitedStorage WebExtensions permissions for safer preferences migration x Fixed some restartless lifecycle quirks x. Be careful with old versions! These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

V 5.0.10 ============================================================= x Fixed some moz-webextension: subrequests blocked in content blocking mode - Removed whitelist and surrogate references to x [Seamonkey] Fixed status bar visibility regression (thanks Mc for reporting) x [Nightly] Fixed various XSS filter UI breakages x [Nightly] Patched deprecated usages of nsIURI.path x [XSS] Fixed false positive on (thanks Robby Stokoe for reporting) x [Surrogate] New tracker surrogate (thanks barbaz) • Source code released under. V 5.0. Opening War Files on this page. 9 ============================================================= x [WebExt] Make sure the embedded WebExtension cannot interfere with the legacy side beside preference migration x [Nightly] Fixed breakage from bug 1390106 x [Nightly] Work-around for HTMLEmbedElement removal x [Nightly] Fixed first run UI visibility check x [XSS] Work-around for Google notifications false positive x [Nightly] Fixed startup breakage x [Surrogates] Fixed noisy google-analytics replacement x [Nightly] Fixed view-source: breakage • Source code released under.

V ============================================================= x [ABE] XHR matches both TYPE_XMLHTTPREQUEST and TYPE_FETCH x [ABE] Updated INCLUSION types to match newest specific types from nsIContentType constants. OTHER still matches any type except 'historically supported' ones (SCRIPT, CSS, IMAGE, OBJ, OBJSUB, MEDIA, FONT, SUBDOC, XBL, PING, XHR, DTD) for backward compatibility: please use UNKNOWN to match just TYPE_OTHER (i.e.

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Request whose type is not specifically mapped yet by the nsIContentType API). X [e10s] Fixed INCLUSION type marked as OTHER for any request when Electrolysis is enabled (thanks barbaz for reporting) x [XSS] Fixed excessive recursion causing GC-related hangs on some ads-intensive websites (like ) • Source code released under. V ============================================================= x [WebExt] Fixed incompatibility with Firefox 54 x [WebExt] Initiated preference migration via embedded WebExtension x [e10s] Fixed HTTP redirection issues with e10s enabled (thanks PLD for reporting) x [Surrogate] Updated googletag replacement (thanks barbaz) x Fixed HTML5 Media documents blockage delay if no other embedded content is forbidden (thanks Georg Koppen for reporting) x [XSS] Fixed bug causing false positives (thanks Georg Koppen for reporting) • Source code released under.

V 5.0.6 ============================================================= x [XSS] Fixed performance regression in handling of big JSON payloads causing the browser to freeze on loading pages with Facebook tracking subframes x [Surrogates] Updated ga replacement (thanks barbaz) x [L10n] Updated tr (thanks Volkan Gezer) x [L10n] Updated de (thanks milupo) x [XSS] Fixed regression in sanitization (thanks Gareth Heyes for reporting) x [XSS] Work-around for Mavo-script operator translation side effects (thanks Gareth Heyes for reporting) • Source code released under. V 5.0.4 ============================================================= + [XSS] Added countermeasures against several vectors exploiting client-side JavaScript templating frameworks (thanks Krzysztof Kotowicz and Sebastian Lekies for their research) x [XSS] Fixed e10s-related regression in sanitization (thanks Krzysztof Kotowicz for reporting) x Fixed 'Allow local links' breaking file:/// URL loading in Gecko 53 and above x Fixed JSON viewer working only on JavaScript-enabled URLs • Source code released under. V ============================================================= x Fixed Stylish editor breakage (thanks JustAnotherGuy for reporting x Fixed media blocking delayed with Tor Browser's 'Medium' Security Sider preset x Fixed frame blocking issues x Fixed top-level media loads issues x Fixed apparent delay in menu UI feedback (thanks mechadon for reporting) x Fixed some XSS filter over-sensitivity regressions x Fixed 'Allow local links' causing file:// URLs to fail x [Locale] Updated nl (thanks Ton) • Source code released under.

The defaults to desktop Firefox so you have change to Android in Other Applications menu on top of page in order to find and install Extensions made for Android version by various authors. Firefox 31.0 ( and the previous 30.0 ( came out as Releases. The Firefox 32.0 ( is on Beta channel as it will be the next Release as the versions count up by one. There was no 3.0 ( for Android Firefox as it started a version 4.0 ( back in 2011.