Fail Hard Game

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Fail Hard for PC is a game that involves realistic physics challenges while making the effort to perform and perfect stunts. The player assumes the role of a beginner stuntman who is trying to make it big and reach the peak of stardom. He tries to follow all the rules of physics and keep within the safety and complete stunts down to perfection. There are various targets to complete and they get all the more difficult with level progression. The controls of the game are smooth and simple, but difficult to master.

Fail Hard Game

This is what keeps the player hooked to the game. There are opportunities to collect coins, which can be spent to upgrade the equipment the player is using. The interface is seamless and interactive, making the experience much above average. There is also a share button which will let the user share the scores and results on different platforms across the internet.

Fail Hard GameFail Hard Game

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Fail Hard Game Download For Pc

Fail Hard for PC can be downloaded and installed from the emulator BlueStacks.

You control a stuntman named Johnny whose goal is to collect as many gold coins as possible. He does this by riding his bike onto ramps, through pipes, over boats, and a variety of vehicles.

In order to progress to higher levels you must collect a certain amount of gold coins. Overall, the tone of Fail Hard is light-hearted and displays cheesy jokes on loading screens. Much of Fail Hard comes down to trial and error: you'll crash a few times just to figure out where are all the coins are located and how to reach them. This isn't particularly annoying and it's nice that Fail Hard doesn't force you to make in-app purchases to play for long periods of time. No helmet required The controls are straight-forward in Fail Hard as there are only three buttons to press: throttle (move forward), brake, and jump. The brake and jump buttons are located on the left side of the screen while throttle is on the right. Mov Codec here. There is also a button that allows to skip forward if you don't feel like watching Johnny finishing crashing.

That looks dangerous! The graphics for Fail Hard are fairly basic, but colorful; objects have a cartoonish blocky look to them. In keeping with the light-hearted nature of the game, the sounds effects are comical and include people chuckling, cheering, and jeering as you crash your bike.