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How can the answer be improved? Apr 20, 2008  Convert CD/DVD into 1 EXE file. One disc hold the data but i have a few hard drive i can use to make into one EXE file i figure i do that do incase. Burning a CD so that a program or a self-executable file (.exe) can launch automatically on Windows XP involves only a few minor steps: Open Notepad to create autorun. Old Version Of Skype For Windows 7. inf (In Windows XP, click 'Start >Programs >All Programs >Accessories >Notepad').

Windows Media Player Applications here. Hello everyone, So i have been having a problem with my HDD's working on my comp and I figured maybe the problem is the driver's for my motherboard are corrupted/lost or something along those lines. I d'l the drivers but they are all in exe format. I can't get into windows but I can get a dos prompt through the recovery console off the xp disc. Is there anyway to make an iso disc out of exe files so I can boot from this disc and load all the drivers onto the motherboard?

I have tried doing it with PowerIso but it won't let me stating that it's not a compatible file format? I have tried lots of other things to get these HDD's to work but with no luck. I have another thread going on this site if you would like to see what I have tried. Thanks for all the help in advance. Do you want to update the bios or drivers like chipset drivers? If you want to update the drivers for your motherboard it wont help to boot a bartpe or ubcd.

If you want to do a bios update you should first have a look at the motherboard vendor website. There are tons of information around this topic and usually alot of tools and instructions to build a bootdisk for bios updates. If you are not sure then please post back with some information. Motherboard brand and model would be good to know. I am using a Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra 939. I am thinking that I might not be able to get HDD's working on my comp because the BIOS is not up to date or lost the proper drivers or something along those lines.

I have done multiple different things including Memtest86+ with 8 successful passes, switching IDE cables, running Diags on the HDD's all of which indicate no errors. I figured maybe this would get it to work. If you don't think it would, is there anything else that you think might work? I am getting so frustrated with this and really just want to get this to work. Thanks for the help.