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- By saby - Last updated on Sunday, October 28, 2012 20810 Views:::: (Total Votes: 9) Category:, - - Published on Sunday, October 24, 2010 Created on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:48 PM BluffTitler creates 3D titles for your videos, as well as cool other effects (see some ). For this tutorial, you need to own BluffTitler (which is a rather good companion to Studio). For more information regarding BluffTitler or for buying BluffTitler, visit (as well as our article '). Introduction: This is a very mysterious title for a tutorial! Patience, you'll know more a little further. Today we'll just work around the lumakeyer effect of Studio.This effect can make certain areas of an image transparent or semi-transparent.

Bulff Titler

Unlike its counterpart, the famous chromakeyer, which is based on color pixels to determine what needs to be transparent or not, the lumakeyer operates on the brightness of the pixels. Based on thresholds or ceilings of brightness some pixels are considered transparent. Note: Only the lucky owners of Studio from version 10 Plus have access to that effect. How does this work? A small illustration with a picture seems to be a good idea.

I open Studio and I load on the main video track a still image like this: On the overlay track I position this nice fish which at the moment is on a perfectly white background: Problem: how to overlay just the fish in the water? Answer: with the lumakeyer effect that will make all the white background transparent. I open the Videotool box and I add a new effect: In the category Studio Ultimate RTFX or Studio Plus RTFX I apply the effect Luma Keyer and press OK: Even if I disappoint forever my greatest fans, I'm not going to describe and explain how each parameter of the plugin works. Yes, I know your disappointment must be great. Besides, I already see 2 or 3 of you leaving the room.

If I were dishonest, I would say it's time that you fly a few of your own wings! In fact, I found no documentation on this plugin and despite many try, I am still not able to understand 100% of it's use and how exactly works each setting! And my friend Adonhiram, from Pinnacle Forum, is probably approving me. If a reader is able to help us, he is welcome. Do not be shy! Vzo more. All I can say is that playing mostly on the first two parameters Luma Center and Radius, I always reached my goal, whatever the circumstances. Here, with these parameters: Here is what I get: All this can obviously be applied to videos.

In this tutorial, I will explain you how to do with Studio and this kind of introduction: You like it? This will be done in two steps: creation of a video representing black and white smoke in BluffTitler and use of this video as a transparency mask in Studio with lumakeyer. Smoke creation in BluffTitler: Open BluffTitler and create a new project in the menu File, New Show.

As the default duration of shows in BluffTitler is 3 s, we must extend it to have a longer video. File, Set Show Duration and I set New total Duration in Seconds to 9 with the option Add to End. Prokon on this page.

Last prior adjustment: File, Set Show Resolution that I parameter depending on the type of video project planned in Studio. We get into the window of BluffTitler with a black background and a big white title 'Bluff Titler 'in the middle. Delete the title by removing the layer 4 which contains it: To create the smoke effect I will use a Particles layer: In the presets list that appears, I select Foam.bp and hit OK: You can immediately see in the preview window it doesn't look like at all smoke.

It will be necessary to modify the particles used by the effect. For that, F8 and in the area First Texture instead of C: Outerspace Software BluffTitler media textures particle_circle.png search for Particle_Cloud.png with Select Picture. If you do not find or do not have it on your PC, do not worry. All equipment necessary to complete the tutorial is provided at the end. Take the opportunity to verify that the effect NotLightened_Additive.fx is well the one present in the area Effect. Otherwise search for it with Select Effect. Once again, if you do not find or do not have it, see the end of the tutorial.