Btguard Rating: 9,2/10 4851votes

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The latest Tweets from BTGuard (@BTGuard): 'Due to networking issues with our ISP, we experienced unexpected downtime between 9:40 and 12:20 EST. Everything should be working again!' 1 GE recommended IBgard is a nonprescription option for the dietary management of IBS. IBgard started working as early as 24 hours in a clinical study.

It has been quite some time since we first reviewed the BTGuard Virtual Private Network (VPN). Originally, BTGuard rose to prominence due to an endorsement by TorrentFreak. Since then, however, consumers have often shot down the service, complaining of poor connection speeds and instability. Our original reviewer had found it to have fast speeds, but the complaints kept coming, so we stuck a warning on the review.


Then, a few years ago, news emerged that BTGuard VPN had been storing passwords in plain text and emailing them unencrypted to customers. That is absolutely terrible behaviour by a firm that is supposed to provide privacy and security for its subscribers. Such a massive failure forced us to update the review, retracting our support and recommendation of the service. In the interest of being up to date, however, and because a lot of time has passed (and all VPNs deserve a second chance) we thought it only fair to update our BTGuard review to properly reflect its current service. I found it to be an appalling, overpriced service that doesn’t even come close to competing with other VPNs available on the market at a similar price. CONS: • Slow connection speeds • Very overpriced • Weak OpenVPN handshake • Third-party OpenVPN software must be used • Very bad customer care Pricing and Plans BTGuard VPN offers two separate plans. These can be paid for monthly or yearly (with a 25% price reduction for paying annually).


The first is a proxy service that is primarily aimed at BitTorrent users (the BT part of their name stands for BitTorrent). The second is a full VPN service with servers in Toronto, Amsterdam, and Singapore. BitTorrent Proxy This plan is aimed at BitTorrent users who wish to download files anonymously. It does so by providing a proxy Internet Protocol (IP) address with which users can hide their true IP address.

This is an extremely useful tool for protecting your identity from other users on any peer-to-peer (P2P) network. In addition, BTGuard provides encryption for users who are having their bandwidth throttled by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). To get people up and running, BTGuard VPN comes with a pre-configured version of the uTorrent BitTorrent client. Micrsoft Works.