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Want a suitable Flash player alternative to enjoy all your favorite content? Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm at this call, you can read through.

Alternative For Adobe Flash PlayerFree Adobe Flash Alternative

Hi Everyone, I could not agree with Tommy more. I have Win7 Starter with Firefox on an awesome little workhorse notebook. Almost any site with Java running in the background will eventually initiate a Flash Player script loop that 'isn't responding'. It locks up my machine for 5 minutes or more, until the application times out on itself. So I just clear the brower cashe and move on. I've installed and reinstalled FP multiple times with no improvement.

Recently, I completely uninstalled Adobe Reader and Flash Player, hoping that whatever netsite that I visit, that needs Flash Player from my end, will either be forced to revert to use another similar program, or, to be forced to use their FP to relay the transmission. Even when I go to sites like Cnet's, there's usually an auto-adverstisement that must load first, before I can see the rest of the webpage.

So much riding on Java and FP out there! Zoo Tycoon En Full Version. Anyways, By not having FP installed on my end, the results I'm seeing are slower load times, but fewer FP script lockup-hangs.

Alternative For Adobe Flash PlayerFree Alternative For Adobe Flash Player

Better, but not best. At one point in time, I found an alleged patch for this Flash Player issue. It turned out to be a disguised fix, harboring a trojan - which I caught. Therefore, the Flash Player snag is probably a widespread issue; unethical programmers are now using the issues with FP to create a diversion to install malware.

Kenny, you mentioned HTML5. Is there a specific application that you're using, and how does one point the HTML5 app to address Flash Player requests?